Engineering & Design Company Profile

Oxaio Networks is experienced in applying current and emerging technologies. Our engineers are continually researching new and emerging technologies to ensure our clients have the information required to make informed decisions. Oxaio Networks will help you leverage and improve your existing infrastructure to support new services and sources of revenue. Oxaio Networks Professional Engineers caters an engineering and design service which is compliant to international standards.

The professional team have the skills, knowledge and training in the following fields:
Professional Engineering and Outside Plant
  • Network Planning & Design
  • Plans & Specifications Preparation
  • Complete Project Management
  • Outside Plant Engineering
  • CAD Services
  • Wireless Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Network Evolution Plans
  • Active Ethernet
  • Aerial and Buried
  • Splitter Placement
  • Service Integration
  • Product Recommendations
  • OSP Layout & Design
  • OSP Staking Services
  • OSP Inspection Services
  • Residential & Commercial

Oxaio Networks provides complete Right of way and Permitting support in order to enable our clients to install their infrastructure without delays and with the necessary permissions and permits supplied by the relevant ministries, city development councils and private owners. Our right of way and permitting team has extensive experience and knowledge in obtaining right of way permits for various types of telecommunication installations including the installation of OSP fiber below and above ground for both metro fiber and inter-city backbone fiber.

The permitting for Inter-City Backbone and Metro Fiber includes:
Inter-City Backbone
  • PTD Permit and Permit Application Folder
  • MOC Permit and Permit Application Folder
  • State Government Permit and Permit Application Folder
  • MOTC and Permit Application Folder
  • MOECAF and other Ministries if Required
  • Survey and Drawing Preparation
  • Informing all Necessary Township Administration Offices Required for the Backbone Installation
  • Joint survey with the township audit team for the backbone route clarification
  • The Approval of the local Authorities for the Implementation
  • Organization and Signing the Agreements with private owners for the rights to pass through their land and to have the reasonable use of property
Metro Fiber
  • Providing the necessary Permits for trenching in cities/towns
  • Providing the Approval from the relevant City Development Councils for bridge crossings
  • Providing MOC or MOTC Permit for the bridges and railways crossed
  • Arranging the joint survey with local authorities for the route trenching and identification of the MH/HH locations
  • Providing the Approval from the local Townships for the trenching and MH/HH installation
  • Providing the Access Permit or the Right of Way on private and government areas for the location and installation of equipment to ensure the safety, security of the equipment and access for maintenance purposes
  • Managing the negotiations with private owners and obtaining agreements, ownership documents for location and installation equipment on their premises