Project Control Company Profile

Project Control is the process of providing project management services such as scheduling, cost control and progress reports. Our Project Control specialists work with project managers and clients on complex and challenging projects with expertise in critical path scheduling, risk analysis/mitigation, contract management, construction claims, key performance indicators, trend charts, resource forecasting, document management and change control.

Project costs, deadlines, milestones, resources and quality are monitored and controlled continuously using efficient project support groups.

The service is detailed to:
  • Continuous monitoring and control of general project performance with regards to deadlines, costs, resources and quality
  • Regular risk assessment
  • Executed control milestones in accordance with agreed quality checklists
  • Regular information on current project status and project steering / reporting
  • Intermediate and final reports on agreed project execution parameters
  • Agreement on changes in the project plan due to project deviations

In case of major deviations from the project plan, the changes (e.g. availability of materials, changes of priorities, etc.) will be mutually evaluated and mutually agreed and subsequently the project plan will be adapted. Commercial consequences for all parties will be analyzed and negotiated.