Operations & Maintenance Company Profile

Oxaio Networks has their own dedicated Operations and Maintenance Division which comprises of a NOC (Network Operations Centre), maintenance and installation teams, which will monitor and maintain all the services which are offered. Our operations and maintenance team ensures that our client gets the best quality services meeting international standards. While our client remains focused on their core business, we take care of their fib er life-links through monitoring and maintaining them so that they are always connected.

The services which are provided under our operations and maintenance professional services are:
  • 24 Hour monitoring of the complete fiber network
  • 24 Hour maintenance teams on standby who will address any reported faults and restore services in the shortest possible time
  • Optical Fiber testing to ensure the stability and quality of the facility prior to acceptance by the client
  • Scheduling of any general maintenance works and ensuring that it is carried out correctly and within allotted time frame

As a Value-Added service, Oxaio Networks offers the above operations and maintenance services to clients wishing to make use of it.

Commitment to Service

As part of the telecom sector, our business impacts the society, the environment and economy both directly and indirectly through project development and the creation of permanent job opportunities. Oxaio Networks, as a professional developer, service provider and employer, aims to make a sustainable commitment to its company and social responsibilities practice. The Company aims to exceed our clients expectations with high quality solutions delivered on time and on budget and followed up with superior technical support to help the client get the most out of their network.

Oxaio Networks commitments are:
  • Delivering what we promise, when we promise it
  • Building trust and partnerships
  • Professional, dedicated approach and methodology of working
  • Supplying the best quality installations
  • Offering compelling and competitive pricing

Oxaio Networks has a unique advantage which the company is confident will ensure a competitive edge and successful business. Through our strategic partnerships, Oxaio Networks are able to provide infrastructure deployment and the development of quality infrastructure networks that will exceed the minimum requirements set out by our clients.